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Time For An Update

IMG_7625star-wars-hot-wheels-cars-2pack-r2d2We’ve had a very busy summer at Kentucky Hot Wheels. We started with a few car shows towards the end of spring and early summer. The ’68 Beetle always gets a lot of attention and she still plugs along like she just came off the showroom floor. We really enjoy driving her around. Early summer we spent in Washington DC and then Virginia Beach. In late August, we decided to sell our 2012 Turbo Beetle, not because we didn’t like it, it was just time for something new. Enter a 2015 Hot Wheels Camaro. So far, we’re extremely pleased with the Camaro. Not a lot of mods planned for it other than a front splitter which has already been ordered and will hopefully be here this week. A trip to Cincinnati last week landed one of the new Star Wars Hot Wheels sets. This one we picked up had CP3O and R2D2. Love it! We’ll be gearing up for the 2015 Hot Wheels Drive over the next couple of weeks. We’re hoping to be able to donate thousands of Hot Wheels for Toys for Tots. Please help us get the word out!

Diecast Drive 2015


We haven’t had the opportunity to do this for the past few years, but now we think it’s time to get it started again. Each year, before Christmas, we donate diecast cars to the U.S. Marine Corp Toys For Tots Foundation. The last year we collected for the die cast drive, we donated over 4800 die cast cars and even a few Barbie Dolls. Each year we sponsored the drive, it was very successful, even landing us a spot on the local evening news. We’ve had collectors from as far away as Germany and Australia donate to the cause and we’re hoping that this year will be just as successful. We accept die cast cars in all shapes and forms, any manufacturer, etc. We only ask that they remain in their original packaging, no loose cars. If you’re interested in donating, please download this form for shipping instructions. We’d love to add your name to the growing list of people who have donated over the years. Help us make the 2015 holiday season the best ever!

Download Form Here!

Finally Some Sun

Ready For Some FunCleaning Steering WheelSteering WheelBill Of SaleBill Of SaleThe clouds parted and the sun finally poked through. Temp right around 40 degrees, it’s a welcome sign. However, we have no water. Apparently, the city is fighting a few water main breaks, so it’s hard telling when it’ll be back on. So what to do while you’re waiting for the Daytona 500 to start? Work on the Beetle! Would love to get her out of the garage for a nice long bath, she’s still filthy from last weeks trip from Lexington in a snow storm. But no water and the wind still has a bite to it, maybe next week. I did notice that the bright light relay wasn’t working when I bought the car, the steering wheel was dirty and the horn only worked when one side of the horn lever was pushed. Lets start there. While nosing around, I found the original bill of sale. Seems I was wrong about the color, it is in deed zenith blue, not diamond blue. She was $2108 brand new. Wow! Disassembled the steering wheel assembly, cleaned it in the snow because we have no water. Polished the horn lever, cleaned the contacts for the bright light switch, now everything works! I’ll probably have to replace the turn signal switch. It’s original and very clean, but the plastic has deteriorated. Since the plastic pieces are riveted in, I’m guessing that they can’t be replaced without replacing the whole unit. But for now, the horn works properly, turn signals work and the bright light switch works….that’s a good start..

Welcome To Kentucky Hot Wheels

Welcome to the new Kentucky Hot Wheels web site. Where all things are Hot Wheels and VDubs. Since we’re avid Hot Wheels collectors and VW enthusiast, what better way to share both of our passions. We’ve added a Classified Ad’s section in hope that local traders, sellers and buyers will use it and avoid other bogus online auctions and classifieds. All ads have to be approved by us before they’re posted. It’s a very easy process. We’ll also be using this site to document the restoration of our 1974 VW Super Beetle, so be sure to keep checking back often for updates. If you see anything missing from this new web site or you can think of a way to make it better, be sure to use the Contact Form to let us know.