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Porsche Center CapsCleanCleanCleanGas BurnersGas BurnersTiresTiresFront HubRear HubOld Time JackSo I’ve been kicking this idea around for a while now and I think I’m ready to act on it. When I bought Mabel she came with these Porsche Gas Burners. I really like the rims, but I really want to put stock rims back on her. Luckily, my rotors and hubs are drilled for both Porsche 5x130mm and stock VW 4x130mm (see pics). These rims currently sell for between $110 and $140 each, minus the Porsche center caps which sell for about $65 each. The Conti tires have about 2000 miles on them. The front tires sell for about $74.00 each and rears sell for about $104 each. 155/60 Conti up front and 195/65 Conti in the rear. So conservatively around $1,136 in wheels and tires (new). My guess that asking around $800 for what I have would be reasonable. I don’t know if my current tires will fit on stock VW rims, I think they will, but I’m not totally sure, maybe somebody can enlighten me. I could sell my rims and lugs outright, keep the tires and buy 4 new rims, lugs and hubcaps, but what I’d rather do is trade my rims, lugs, tires, center caps, etc. for 4 VW wheels, tires, lugs and hub caps. Of course the wheels I trade for would have to be in excellent condition, the hub caps could be after market and the tires should be consistent with my current setup, smaller tires in the front, and larger tires in the rear. Again, I’m assuming there would be no clearance issues with the stock rims. I am running CB drop disc spindles in the front. I know those are some broad strokes and maybe some of you can correct me if I’m wrong. I haven’t posted these in the classifieds yet as I’m still not sure if this will work or anybody would be interested. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries.

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