Monthly Archives: February 2017

Last Order For Door/Window Refresh

I placed the last order for everything I should need to start on the window and door rebuild kit. All new rubber, scrapers, handles, crank, etc. I’ve watched a ton of howto videos and I’m confident it’s not going to be has hard as I initially thought. I believe the new release latches for the vent windows is going to be the hardest part. Today I ordered new window crank handles, the plastic buffers and the tension springs. I also ordered a snap, grommet and rivet tool kit that includes tubular rivets for the vent window swivel point. Most people use a regular pop rivet, but I don’t think it looks as finished or nice. So, once this order arrives and we start having some consistent warm days, the project will begin. I plan on creating my own howto for this project with lots of pictures and video. Stay tuned!