Door Refresh Project Approaching

Window Crank and TrimmingsRivet Tool For Vent WindowRivets For Vent WindowRivet Tool For Vent WindowVent Window RivetsGot some more bits and pieces for the door refresh project. I’ll be replacing all rubber, gaskets, seals, etc. Yesterday I received the crank handles, buffers and springs that I ordered from I’ve been pretty pleased with everything that I’ve ordered from Jbugs in the past, but a bit disappointed with the window crank handles. Quality on both are good, but they’re from 2 different manufacturers and the texture on black plastic cover is different on each. Not a big deal, but still, they should’ve sent handles from the same manufacturer so they’d match. Not going to make a big deal out of it. I know I’ll be removing the mushroom rivet from the vent window to install the new rubber, I’ve ordered 2 replacement rivets from Jbugs, but in the mean time, I ordered a snap fastener kit from General that somebody on had recommended. Part #1265. It would appear that these parts have changed since the forum user posted his findings. The rivets now included in this kit are about the right size, but the heads are way to big. I knew that I didn’t want to use a regular pop rivet to reinstall the vent window, so I’d also come across another kit on Amazon called Snap Kit Tool Set. It was cheap and appeared to contain a bunch of rivets about the same size as the one in the vent window. It also includes the tools to compress and mushroom the rivets. Even though I ordered 2 OG rivets from Jbugs, I thought this may be a good kit to test with, like I said, it was cheap. One set of rivets that came with the kit are the exact right size for the vent window, so I should have many chances to get it right. Only thing I’m waiting for are the lock rod knobs and the seals for those. They should be here by the end of the week. That will be everything I’ve gathered over the past month and a half and need to complete the project, that and some good, warm weather. I’m also considering replacing the driver side door mirror while I have the door striped down. It’ll be easier to get to and since I installed a nice shiny one on the passenger side last year, it’d be nice for them to match. Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE (02/10/2017): I shot an email to concerning the mismatched window crank handles. I didn’t ask for anything, just letting them know that when people order these parts, they may want to pay closer attention so they don’t send mismatched parts. As a result, they’re sending me a replacement to match one of the crank handles (the one closest to the buffers in the pic above)…that’s how you keep customers. I will send the mismatched window crank handle back to them.

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