New Window and Door Kit

Window & Door KitWindow & Door KitMy awesome wife surprised me with new German window and door kits for Mabel. All other rubber and seals on the car have already been replaced, the last piece of the puzzle was new seals and window treatment for the doors. I’ve been putting it off for some time because the German kits are expensive and replacing them is not an easy project and time consuming. Great kit from JBugs, complete with instructional video on dvd. Probably won’t start on this project until spring and it’s probably going to be a whole weekend kind of project, but can’t wait to freshen up Mabels doors!

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  1. Frabnk Gowdey says:

    Hi, I’ve got a question if your ever ran into the rear tire inner sidewall rubbing on the swing arm bump stop plate? Its about a 1974 Thing 14 X 75 X 175 tires on stock 5 X 205 rims. No signs of wreck damage or previous owner mods. I’m about to grid off slice of the plate to clear the side wall with more space. I can see this clearance problem coming from non stock rims that interfere with offset. Thanks for your time, Frank

  2. Frank Gowdey says:

    well yes if the tiny lugs still have any threads in the drums but this is an all stock even if old and tired 1974 Thing. No obvious wreck damage at the swing arms. And the tires aren’t that wide but old. Maybe they need a girdle to hold in that sidewall? But the tight spot is at the top where the bump stop plate rubs. Well I thought I would toss it out there if anyone else with 14 inch rims (Bus)had seen it.
    I’m leaning towards grinding off a slice of the plate along the sidewall path. You know what the say; cut twice measure once.


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