Steering Wheel Goodies

goodiesOrdered some steering wheel goodies from M & T Manufacturing last night. A new horn ring, center cap and mounting kit. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while to give the ’68 Beetle a more classic look. The steering wheel itself is in excellent condition considering it’s almost 50 years old. It’s got a couple of hair line surface cracks, but nothing to requires any attention. Right now, I have a horn bar installed which is still period correct, but the center cap has seen better days. The new horn ring and center cap will give the steering wheel a nice, fresh look.

Steering WheelTook this picture after removing the steering wheel the first time to give everything a good cleaning. Pressing on the right side of the horn bar would not complete a contact to make the horn sound, but after cleaning, everything worked perfectly. I’ll sell the horn bar and center cap once the new horn ring is installed.

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