Monthly Archives: April 2015

New Horn Ring

New Horn RingNew Horn RingNew Horn RingNew Horn RingGot my new horn ring, contact kit and center cap from M & T Manufacturing in the mail today. Compared to the original horn bar and center cap, I’m very pleased with the quality of the repo parts. I was going to order from AirHeads, but they didn’t have the horn rings in stock and hadn’t for a long time. Since I’ve ordered form M & T before and have been pleased with the products I’ve ordered from them, I went with them on the horn ring and center cap. The horn ring is period correct to my Beetle and I’m really happy with the look. With the horn bar, it just looked like something was missing. Install took about 10 minutes, everything fit as it should, horn works as it should. I’ll call this one a success! I’ll put the horn bar that I removed in the classifieds.

Taking A Cruise

The weather was so nice today, we decided to take the Beetle out for a little cruise! Such a fun car to drive!

Tach Mount

Tacho RelocationOk, so the idea of mounting the tach outside on the hood grew old quickly. I found a proper plug for the hole in the hood where some previous owner had mounted a CB antenna, so I relocated the tach underneath the dash, above the shifter, the most common place for mounting this type of tach. Did a quick test around town, everything works like a charm. My horn ring, center cap and horn ring mounting kit should be here Monday!

Steering Wheel Goodies

goodiesOrdered some steering wheel goodies from M & T Manufacturing last night. A new horn ring, center cap and mounting kit. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while to give the ’68 Beetle a more classic look. The steering wheel itself is in excellent condition considering it’s almost 50 years old. It’s got a couple of hair line surface cracks, but nothing to requires any attention. Right now, I have a horn bar installed which is still period correct, but the center cap has seen better days. The new horn ring and center cap will give the steering wheel a nice, fresh look.

Steering WheelTook this picture after removing the steering wheel the first time to give everything a good cleaning. Pressing on the right side of the horn bar would not complete a contact to make the horn sound, but after cleaning, everything worked perfectly. I’ll sell the horn bar and center cap once the new horn ring is installed.

Eye Brows

Eye BrowsEye BrowsNot everybody like the eye brows on the old Beetles. I never cared much for them either, but I think they suited our ’68 Beetle and turned a little to give it more of an aggressive look. I like it.

Lenora Driving The ’68 Beetle

Her first time taking it out on the road. I think she did an excellent job!

Finished The Trunk Liner

New Trunk LinerNew Trunk LinerNew Trunk LinerNew Trunk LinerNew Trunk LinerNew Trunk LinerNew Trunk LinerFinished the trunk liner that I was making. Made a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up 1 yard of vinyl material and a can of spray adhesive. Then it was just a matter of cutting and trimming. On the back side, I used a hot glue gun to secure the material to the back, then covered the back with a piece of canvas that I had laying around. So I’ve got a total of about 16 dollars in materials and about 2 hours worth of time. I think it would’ve turned out better if I had used one whole piece of corrugated plastic, but I used what I had to work with to keep the costs down. 16 dollars compared to a 50 dollar piece of cheap cardboard, I’m happy with the results and it will certainly serve it’s purpose.

New Eyebrows

New EyebrowsNew EyebrowsNew EyebrowsNew EyebrowsI used to really dislike these on Beetles, but they’ve sort of grown on me. Maybe I’m getting older. Anyhow, I thought I’d give them a try on Mabel, if I didn’t like them, I’d just re-sell them, but after getting them on, I really like them, so for now, they’re staying. I ordered these from Chircoestore and had read horror stories about installing them. These were easy, fit well and I had them installed in about 15 minutes.