Monthly Archives: March 2015

Vintage Fog Lights

Vintage Fog LightsGot the vintage amber fog lights that I ordered for the Beetle. Just waiting on the bumper bracket mounts that should be here tomorrow or Thursday. I know what I’ll be doing Friday night after work!

Oil Bath

Oil BathOil BathOil BathFinished with the oil bath freshening. Let the paint cure over night and this morning. Very pleased with the result. May try to find the missing parts for the cable control flap. Since this was a one year only design, it may be hard to find. Next project in the engine bay is to clean up the engine bay insulation.

Oil Bath Time

New License PlateDirty Oil BathOil Batch LatchOil BathOil BathRaining outside, so I decided to freshen up the oil bath. Had planned to do it this weekend anyhow. Removed the clips and cleaned them up. Spent a few hours prepping for paint, then gave it a few fresh coats. I’ll let it dry over night and in to tomorrow, then put it back on. Also mounted my front license plate on the new bumper. Got shipment notices for the amber fog lamps and mounts that I ordered from Can’t wait to get them installed, but that will be next weekends project.

Some Smalls

New Sending UnitFlasher Relay FixedRebuilt SpeedoSwapped out the oil sending unit with a new one today. The old sending unit only worked when it wanted to, so a new one was a cheap, easy fix. I also fixed an issue I was having with the directional light in the speedo when the turn signals where turned on. Outside turn signal lights worked fine, emergency flashers worked fine, but the directional light in the speedo only worked with the emergency flashers, not the turn signals. Modified the wiring to the flasher relay to fix the problem, now everything works as it should.

Also ordered a couple of these.

New Bumpers

Bumper Brackets PaintedRefurbished Bumper BracketsClean HornCleaned Up The HornNew BumpersNew BumpersNew BumpersGetting Some SunGetting Some SunNew BumpersNew BumpersRefurbished BracketsNew BumpersStarted early this morning with the anticipation of my new bumpers being delivered by UPS. Installed the bumper brackets that I spent all evening yesterday cleaning, sanding and painting. I’m very pleased with the way they turned out, they look brand new. I also gave the horn the once over. Cleaned it and hit it with a fresh coat of paint. I also installed my ’68 speedo that I refurbished the other day. The ’69 speedo that I refurbished last week was working very well, but I really needed to know if I solved the problem with the speedo whine in the ’68. So while I waited for my UPS delivery, I swapped speedos and hit the road. Smiles from cheek to cheek! The ’68 speedo works perfectly and is quiet as a mouse! And the new gels look awesome. I wouldn’t hesitate taking on this task again, may even do it on the side for people who want to give their speedo a fresh look. Now that I know the ’68 speedo is good to go, the ’69 speedo will go to the classifieds. UPS arrived around noon with my Brazilian bumpers. Carrying them from the UPS truck I quickly noticed one big different between them and the bumpers I removed from the car. They weigh about 1/3 less. I unpack them, give them once over and for the most part, I’m pleased. Definitely not the same quality of the OG bumpers, but for my application they’ll be fine. My next concern was fitment. I’ve read horror stories about these bumpers not fitting well at all. But I actually had these installed in about 25 minutes. They fit perfectly. I used the same bolts that I removed from the OG bumpers, but opted for new washers and nuts. For the price, I couldn’t be happier, but if this car was going to be left outside in the weather, I’d be real concerned. Look at the pics and judge for yourself. Over all, a very productive day!

Dressing Up

Old BumpersOld BumpersOld Bumpers OffOld Bumpers OffBumper MountsBumper MountsGetting Ready To RaiseRaisedAccording to UPS, my new bumpers should be here tomorrow. Which means that this evening was a perfect time to remove the old ones, dress up the bumper mounts and have everything ready to install the new ones when they arrive tomorrow. Hoping the quality is satisfactory. I ordered mine from Parts Place Inc. Theirs were the same price as most every place else, but their shipping was about a third of what everybody else wanted. Guess I’ll find out tomorrow. So anyhow, I removed the OG bumpers, pulled the bumper mounts and spent the evening sanding, cleaning, priming and painting them. They were in pretty condition, just some surface rust and fading, so they cleaned up nicely. I also cleaned the OG horn. Had time to spare, so I put the Beetle up on car stands and adjusted the front beam. I really needed to raise it a couple of inches for every day driving this spring and summer, so I figured I’d go ahead and knock it out tonight. Really like it slammed to the ground, but it’s just not practical for me to drive it that way. For car shows and get togethers, I may knock it back down a couple of inches.

Spring Has Sprung

New Origin PlateLicense Plate Light HousingLicense Plate Light HousingFour days ago, we got 10 inches of snow. Today, it was 65 degrees and sunny! Got the Beetle out for a test drive to test the ’69 speedo that I rebuilt. Worked like a charm, no whine! I hope I’m as lucky when I put the ’68 speed back in. Also got my origin plate installed that I ordered from Powerhaus. Love it! I also replaced the license plate light housing with one that I have prepped for paint. The original was a little damaged…nothing bad, but since I had the extra, I figured I’d use it for now. Can’t wait til the weather is nice enough to get her out on longer drives!

’68 Speedo Rebuild Complete

'68 VW Beetle Speedo Rebuild'68 VW Beetle Speedo Rebuild'68 VW Beetle Speedo Rebuild'68 VW Beetle Speedo Rebuild'68 VW Beetle Speedo Rebuild'68 VW Beetle Speedo RebuildWell it took a couple of trips to a couple of different craft stores to find the material that I wanted to use for gel replacement. Ended up finding translucent binders at Walmart that will work perfectly. After some tracing, cutting and testing, I think the new gels turned out awesome! Finished cleaning the rest of the speedo, greased the gears, then reassembled. Can’t wait to eventually get it back into the car. Hoping that the fresh grease and oiling the speedo cable will eliminate the speedo whine. Once I get this speedo back into the car, I’ll sell the ’69 speedo that I rebuilt the other day.