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Oil Cooler Stand

Oil Cooler StandI ordered a new oil cooler from yesterday, so since I had some time before work today, I gave the oil cooler stand a good cleaning.

Plasti-Dip Dip Stick

Plasti-Dip Dip StickPlaying around with plasti-dip. Though the plan is to keep everything stock for the most part, I really like how this turned out.

Looking Good

Fitting Engine TinsFitting Engine TinsFitting the pulley tin that I prepped and painted yesterday. Turned out very nice. Using Rust-Oleum high heat engine paint, semi-gloss black. About as close to original as I can find and it goes really smooth, dries quickly and is durable. I need to find a rubber grommet that will fit the hole I made for the dip stick adapter just to dress it up a bit. But so far, I’m very pleased.

Pressing On

DistributorPulley TinPulley TinOil Pump CoverFuel Pump AssemblyPulley TinFuel PumpOil Pump CoverOil Strainer Cover PlateOil Cooler AdapterOil Cooler AdapterOil Cooler BracketFuel Pump Test FitGot a lot done this evening and into the early morning hours. Took the distributor apart and cleaned it. Installed the fuel pump assembly. When I bought the car, it had a electronic fuel pump, I’m going back to old school. Also got the oil strainer cover plate/drain prepped and painted as well as the pulley tin. Oil pump cover installed and oil cooler adapter cleaned. My oil cooler appears to be in pretty good shape, but I think that while I have it stripped down this far, I’m going to go ahead and install a new one. Not sure yet….. Got more done this evening that I had planned too. Hope to get the jugs and heads back on soon, then I’ll address the rest of the engine tins.

More Smalls

New Dip Stick TubeEngine Gasket KitGot some more smalls that I had ordered from I’ve ordered from many various vendors already, but I must say, so far, I’m more impressed with Chirco. Their web site is easy to navigate, prices are reasonable and their shipping is very fast. Anyhow, I ordered a new engine gasket kit and Type 3 dip stick tube adapter. I only needed the gasket for the dip stick tube, so I’ll sell my spare. Cold and rainy today, a good day to button up the engine detailing.

Engine Cleaning

Engine CleaningEngine CleaningEngine CleaningEngine Cleaning_38_Pro__highresEngine Cleaning01_19_26_Pro__highresEngine CleaningEngine CleaningTook a few hours tonight to continue cleaning the engine and fitting parts. Still have some cleaning to do, but my goal was get the paint and over spray that the previous owners had left. Also sorting through the engine tins to determine what can be salvaged and what will be replaced. Right now, it looks like I’m still going to have to replace 80% of the tins. Remember, this is what I started with: Before Rebuild The engine had been rebuilt, then spray painted, left without a deck lid and got nasty, very quick. I’m anxious to at least get the engine finished and re-assembled in the next month or so, then sit it aside and get back to the body. Every little bit counts!

Pulley Tin Modification

Type 3 Dipstick AdapterPulley Tin Won't FitModifying Engine TinPulley Tin ModifiedHad some time tonight, so I took a closer look at the Type 3 dipstick tube adapter. Had planned on doing this modification to the adapter, but mine wasn’t just epoxied in to the plate, it was fused to the plate. So, instead of ordering another to try and modify, I simply adjusted the pulley tin (drilled a hole) to accommodate the adapter. Once everything is cleaned up and painted, I think it’ll look fine.

Interesting Find

OEM Engine TinsEngine IDType 3 CaseDipstick ConversionGot some OEM engine tins today from another VW enthusiast. Some I’ll be able to use, some are just to far gone to put any effort into salvaging them. I also discovered (after taking a closer look at the oil dipstick tube) and trying to fit the behind the pulley tin, that my engine is actually a type 3 instead of a type 1. The dipstick tube has been adapted to work like a type 1. I don’t know what other issues this may cause with the other engine tins, but the behind the pulley tin will have to be modified to fit with this adapter.

From Samba user toddb_67 “Based on the serial number of your engine you do indeed have a type 3 1600 engine case from about October-November of 1968.”