Getting It Done

Cleaning The HeadsTinsOil Strainer CoverJugs CleanedIntake CleanedNew Oil CoolerNew Oil CoolerNew Oil CoolerGot a lot done after work today. Finished the oil strainer cover, have a new oil strainer ordered, hopefully it’ll be here tomorrow. Also got one of the heads about 80% clean, still have some fine tuning to do, but it’s almost finished and ready to install. Got the tins that go under the jugs stripped and painted. I have an extra set that I’ll put in the classifieds soon. Also got the dual port intakes cleaned up and new couplers installed. The original intake was broken, but a friend of mine has one that he’s going to give me. But my goal tonight was to finish cleaning the jugs and install new piston rings and I got both of those projects finished. Even had time to test fit the new oil cooler that I got from Overall, a very productive night…..!

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  1. Tony Kent says:

    Awesome work. Keep the updates coming. I have a 74 Super Beetle also that I am redoing, a lot slower than you but your giving me inspiration!

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