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Merry Christmas Eve

Stock HeadOriginal HeadsAlternator ShroudJ Pipes PaintedAlternator FanComing TogetherDual Port IntakeDual Port IntakeIn between putting Christmas gifts together this morning, I managed to get a couple of things done on the Beetle. First and foremost, I found a person who may be able to help me get my head machined for the larger jugs. He no longer has the tooling to do it, but has some connections that will hopefully put me on the right path. If not, I’ve got a couple other prospects that may be able to help me out. Regardless, the next step is to get this head machined to accept the jugs for this 1835 build. I was also able to get the alternator fan shroud painted as well as the dual port intakes cleaned and test fitted. I’ve decided on which doghouse I’ll be re-using, so I got it de-greased and ready for prep. The alternator fan was also cleaned and ready to re-use. All in all, a pretty productive Christmas Eve. Here’s wishing all my VW enthusiast a very happy holiday season….Merry Christmas all!

New Valve CoversAlso got the valve covers prepped and ready to install. Loved the way they turned out.

More Of The Same

Engine TinsFit ProblemBreather TubeTest Fitting AlternatorTest Fitting AlternatorAfter last nights discovery that the new/used head that I bought would have to be machined to work with my current setup, my motivation to work on the Beetle was pretty much nil this morning. However, I did receive my aftermarket alternator stand from in the mail and decided to test fit it. The stand looks great, however, while test fitting it, I realized that there is no way my deflector tin will fit with the way the breather tube is sitting. Don’t really know what’s causing the issue as the alternator stand looks pretty much the same as the OEM stand. So I’m wondering if the deflector tin is the problem or the breather tube itself. I know that some breather tubes are straight and don’t have curve on the bottom that mine does. Guess I could just cut the curved part away and see if that works or order an aftermarket oil filler. More decisions! I think it’s time to step away from this project for a few days….

Update: Issue resolved with the breather tube.
Problem Solved

Cut the curved part off of the breather tube.
May still go with an aftermarket filler cap some time in the future.

Dilemma and Decisions

Ring CompressorClean PistonsCleaned Up HeadValve CoverOne Side CompletePush Rod TubesNew TinsGoing Back TogetherGoing Back TogetherGoing Back TogetherGoing Back TogetherOil Sending UnitOK, so I sorta ran into a dilemma tonight. My goal tonight was to get the jugs and heads installed, test fit some engine tins and admire my hard work. Before I go any further, for those of you who have never done anything like this before, invest the six dollars and buy a ring compressor. Makes getting the jugs over the pistons so much easier. Truly a invaluable piece of metal. So, back to tonight. I have preached to my kids for many years, don’t assume anything. Check, check and double check. Well, tonight, I ate my own words. As I had mentioned in a previous post, the engine in my Beetle had been rebuilt in the recent past. The previous owner didn’t know exactly when, but he knew that he had been. Every part of the break down of the engine indicated that indeed, it had been rebuilt recently. No carbon on the pistons or heads, valve seats looked good, etc. One head that I removed had a broken cooling fin. Nothing major, but it bugged me. So I went ahead and purchased another head from another VW enthusiast on This was a mistake. I assumed that the engine was for the most part, stock. I put the head with the broken cooling fin in the classified ads. Luckily, I didn’t sell it because I had it listed as a stock head for a 85.5mm piston. So, when I started putting things back together, I quickly realized that the jugs did not fit into the stock head that I bought to replace the one with the broken cooling fin. I broke out the calipers and started measuring. The outside diameter of my pistons measured 92mm. The inside diameter of the heads measured 98mm. It was apparent that there was no way the new/used head that I purchased was going to work. So I went ahead and put one side of the motor together with the head that I intended to reuse, put the jugs on the other side and left it at that. So now, I don’t know what to do. Go ahead and use the head that came with the motor that has the broken cooling fin. Get the one I bought machined to work with my current setup or bite the bullet and buy new pistons, jugs and heads (which I don’t want to do). I don’t know of any machine shops in my area that could machine the head that I bought. So for now I’m stumped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. So, with one side of the motor put back together, I did get to test fit some tins that have already been prepped and painted. I have a new alternator stand that should be here next week and I’ll continue to prep the other tins that I’ll be re-using. I’m really bummed that the head I bought doesn’t fit. But it’s my own fault. I should’ve measured everything before I bought it. So right now, here are my options.

1. Keep my current setup, re-use the head with the broken cooling fin.
2. Get the new/used head that I bought machined to work with my current setup.
3. Buy another stock head, pistons and jugs to work with the head that I already purchased.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…..your input and suggestions are appreciated.

More Prep and Paint

Alternator ShroudDeflector TinsWatched a couple episodes of American Picker tonight and got motivated to do a little prep and paint. Finished prepping and painting the left and right deflector tins, then followed up with the alternator shroud. Paint on the shroud looks glossy, but it was still wet. I’m painting everything semi-gloss Rustoleum x2 for engines. I’ll take another pic once it dries. Also contacted a couple of vendors about a replacement hoover bit. Sucks that such a small part is so expensive. Oh well, such is life!

What I Can, When I can

Deflector TinNew Oil Strainer and CoverStarted prepping the left and right deflector tins, getting them ready for paint. Also installed the new oil strainer and oil strainer cover. Still waiting for my ring compressor to arrive in the mail so I get the jugs and heads back on. Was hoping it’d be here today, but no such luck. Hopefully it’ll be here tomorrow or Friday so I can get this buttoned up this weekend.

Some Goodies

New PartsGot some goodies in the mail today. Unbelievably got the distributor that I just ordered Friday night from Ordered it late Friday night and it made it from Arizona to Kentucky over the weekend. I’ve been really pleased with everything that I’ve ordered from Joe and his crew. Also got the distributor clamp, oil strainer and a coil holder that I purchased from a user on Only thing left on the engine are the rest of the tins that need prepped and painted. I ordered a ring compressor that should be here this week so I can get the engine buttoned up. Love getting the smalls in the mail!

Getting It Done

Cleaning The HeadsTinsOil Strainer CoverJugs CleanedIntake CleanedNew Oil CoolerNew Oil CoolerNew Oil CoolerGot a lot done after work today. Finished the oil strainer cover, have a new oil strainer ordered, hopefully it’ll be here tomorrow. Also got one of the heads about 80% clean, still have some fine tuning to do, but it’s almost finished and ready to install. Got the tins that go under the jugs stripped and painted. I have an extra set that I’ll put in the classifieds soon. Also got the dual port intakes cleaned up and new couplers installed. The original intake was broken, but a friend of mine has one that he’s going to give me. But my goal tonight was to finish cleaning the jugs and install new piston rings and I got both of those projects finished. Even had time to test fit the new oil cooler that I got from Overall, a very productive night…..!

New Oil Cooler

New Oil CoolerNew Oil CoolerReceived the new oil cooler from I also ordered a new 009 distributor that should be here next week. They have some really good holiday specials going on, so even though my current oil cooler is fine, I couldn’t resist replacing it since I’ve gotten broken down this far. I’ll throw my current oil current up in the classifieds and on After work tonight, I plan on getting the jugs finished up, cleaned and ready to install. Hope to have everything buttoned up on the engine, except for the tins, by the end of the weekend.