Monthly Archives: November 2014

Midnight Oil

New Oil Pump CoverAlternator CleanedAlternator PulleyAlternator PulleyHad some time tonight and finished cleaning up the alternator, cleaned and painted the alternator pulley and painted the new oil pump cover that I received from Not a lot, but every little bit counts. I also received the head that I ordered from Samba user Tom Cifelli. He gave me a great deal and the head is in perfect condition. The OEM engine tins I ordered from him should be here by the 4th of December, once they’re prepped and painted, the engine goes back together. Luckily the weather has been nice for the end of November and I’m able to get some of this small stuff knocked out.

Burning Some Time

Alternator StandAlternator Stand CleanedAlternator Fan RemovalStarting my holiday weekend a bit early. Finished cleaning the OEM alternator stand. It was dirty, a bit pitted, but it’s the OEM part and I want to keep it, so I cleaned it the best I could. Some paint thinner, steel wool and and wire brush did the trick. Also joined it back with the re-finished oil filler and oil cap (with new gasket). Looks pretty good. I also started cleaning the alternator and fan and quickly realized I didn’t have a socket big enough to remove the fan, so I’ll have to make a trip to the auto parts store tomorrow to pick up a new socket (36mm). I’ve also created this page to keep track of bolt/nut size for those of you doing what I’m doing. A little bit at a time….!

Cleaning and Painting

Oil FillerOil FillerIt was so uncommonly warm this evening (65 degrees), that I spent some time cleaning up and painting the oil filler. Also began cleaning the heads, but quickly realized that the environmental cleaner I was using just wasn’t doing a very good job. I’ll have to get some good ole industrial degreaser to finish it off, but at least I got a good start on it. The oil filler turned out great, the oil cap has already been cleaned and a new gasket applied. Once I get the alternator stand cleaned, I’ll put them back together.

More Goodies

Some GoodiesGot some more goodies from various vendors today. New fuel pump, fuel pump stand, fuel pump rod, oil sending unit, oil change gasket kit, etc…love getting the small stuff, love it more when it all comes together.

Flywheel Pulley

Beetle TagsFlywheel PulleyFlywheel PulleyFlywheel PulleyFlywheel PulleyNot much going on today, pulled the car badges and cleaned them up a bit, also stripped the flywheel pulley, sanded, and sanded, and sanded, then cleaned, prepped and painted. Really wanted to keep the OEM pulley and stay away from the aftermarket stuff. I believe it turned out great. Also put in a order of smalls at West Coast Metric, ordered a oil sending unit, oil change kit and gasket for the oil cap. Also put in a order of smalls to Wolfsburg West, ordered a new fuel pump, fuel pump rod, fuel pump spacer and gasket kit. All in all, not a bad weekend.

Little Progress

Gas Cap AreaEngine ApartLittle progress today. The gas cap area has been bugging me from the time I bought the car, it was just no nasty, ugly and needed some attention. So I sanded it, primed it, now it’s not so ugly. I also pulled the other head and jugs on the motor. The head and jugs look like they’re in excellent condition. I cleaned up all four jugs and inspected them closely. They’re now ready for some paint. I also pulled the oil cooler. It’s functional, but also seen better days. Haven’t decided if I’ll salvage it or not. I haven’t cleaned the heads yet, haven’t decided if I’ll replaced the one with the missing cooling fin yet. May get around to it tomorrow. Little steps….!

More Progress

Cleaning The Engine BayTie Rods SeparatedBody and Chassis SeparatedBody and Chassis SeparatedBreaking Down The EngineSpent some time on the Beetle this evening. Tried some different cleaning and prepping methods to the engine bay area to see what works best. This car has been painted once over the original color and whoever did it, didn’t take time to prep the car properly, therefore, they just painted over years and years of grime and dirt. But at least it’s coming clean, just takes a lot of elbow grease. Moved on to separating the tie rods which was the last step to lift the body from the chassis. A couple of hours later, the body was lifted enough for me to get a very good look at the bottom of the heat channels, behind the spare tire cavity and other places where rust likes to hide. I did this by myself, not impossible, but not recommended, I’m sure my back will remind me of that tomorrow. Happy to report that the heat channels are solid, front clip of the body is excellent, no rust. It’ll just need some minor prep, primer and paint. Like I had mentioned before, the floor pans have been replaced some time in the past. I was excited about this when I first purchased the car because looking underneath, they looked perfect. And for the most part, they are, there is some minor surface rust inside, but nothing to be concerned about. However, it’s apparent that these are 20 gauge replacement pans. They feel cheap and flimsy. I’ll have to give it some thought as to whether or not I’ll replace them with 18 gauge pans. Having the car torn down this far, it’d be a shame not to go ahead and replace them with the thicker pans. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I also started breaking down the engine. I don’t plan on a total rebuild. Pull the heads and jugs, clean it up, replace the missing tins and go from there. The first head that I pulled is missing part of a cooling fin closest to the block. Just a small portion, but enough to bug me. Other than that, the head looks to be in excellent condition, just needs cleaned up. Not sure if I’ll replace it or not. Same with the 2 jugs that I pulled. They’re in excellent condition, just need cleaned up. I hope to get the other head pulled tomorrow. Lots of good progress this evening.

Just Some Smalls

More SmallsNothing much going on so far this week. Did get some smalls that I had ordered. A new brake fluid reservoir, a couple of studs to replace battered ones on one of the heads, push rod tubes and push rod tube gaskets. Hope to get the heads pulled this weekend to get a better look at the pistons and to clean the heads up a bit. Push rod tubes have seen better days, so they’ll be replaced before the heads go back on.